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Karate Tournament Traditional Rules

In traditional Rules, There are just two ways for obtaining points:

  1. Waza Ari -> 1/2 point
  2. Ippon: 1 point

Additionally there are three ways in Kumite:

  1. Shobu Ippon Ha: Time(1.30)  The winner is the first one  to reach 2 points.  Any combinations using Waza Ari and Ippon.
  2. Shobu Sambon: Time: 2 min. Winner the first one to reach 3 points.
  3. Shobu Ippon: Time: 2 min. Winner the first one to reach 1 point.

Example of some combinations: (You can find the others)

Shobu Ippon: 3 wazari= 1/2 +1/2 +1/2 =1.5. Then 1 ippon (1 point) or another Waza-ari (1/2)  leads to the victory

Shobu Sambon. Now you have to reach 3 points in 2 min. For example, three Ippon or 6 Waza ari, or any combinations which leads to 3 points

Shobu Ippon:   Here, just one point. One Ippon or two Waza ari or another combination to reach 1 point.

You can see a scoreboard for Traditional Karate Kumite by clicking here 


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