Calendar 2022

Ranking Overview

The Florida Sport Karate Do Alliance League has established  categories and divisions that will be recognized with a Ranking.

This ranking will establish a Florida Champion based on the points received at each event.

 All events will award:

*First place in Kata or Kumite — 600pts.

*Second in Kata or Kumite —— 400pts.

*Third in Kata or Kumite ——-  300pts.

*Participant Kata or Kumite —  150 pts.

 The League will recognize within itself, events sanctioned by the USA Karate, or other organizations such as the PKF, or WKF Open World Championships. These will be awarded with points as follows:

Participants: 100 points

Third Place: 200 points

Second Place: 300 points

First Place: 400 points

 Since 2010, the Florida Sport Karate Do Alliance League has served as a sponsor for our junior competitors may attend the Pan-American tournaments in Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Columbia and Germany. A total of 26 competitors have received this benefit. We will continue with the development of this project. The League, and its sponsors reserve the right to decide which competitors may receive this benefit. This decision may be based upon their results, character, commitment and dedication to the Karate community as well as their commitment to promoting junior and Senior athletes—their respect and dedication to the objectives of the League will also be taken seriously into consideration.

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