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Since our inception in 2009, Karate-Do Alliance Sport Karate League has been evolving from a local idea to organize our Karate-Do tournaments to now in 2018 to be a league that now covers the entire state known as the Florida Sport Karate-Do Alliance.

Our goals to be the very best events has help our area generate multi US Karate National Champions and US Karate Team members with many PKF and World medals.

By us investing in hosting National Referee sanctioning clinics we have an incredible amount of National and PKF referees. At any of our events we will have the very best internationally quailed judges and referees.

This is our 9th year and we are as passionate about the future as we where back in 2009 working with new event promoters and staff. Our investments in software have given us the ability to acknowledge the winners in each of our categories and truly identify our State Champions based on their performance at our events.

We are looking forward to the best year ever!


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