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March’s Tournament

Tournament’s Name: Miami Open Karate Do.

Date: March 16, 2014, Sunday 8:30 am

Address: 11700 Hialeah Gardens High School (See Map)

Rules: USA-NKF Karate

Divisions: Regular: Kumite (All Divisions), Kata (All Divisions), Kobudo (Advance Divisions Only).  

( Beginners and Novice: Any of the Taikyoku Kata, Pinan, Heian, Geki Sai Ichi and Geki Sai Ni. Intermediate and Advance: Any Advance Kata)

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Contact us: Phone: 786 208 3849 – 305-632-0366

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Swimming’s course

Aprender a nadar

Aprender a nadar

Do you want to learn how to swim? Quieres Aprender  a Nadar?

Click here to see an excellent and complete course in videos and pdf.

Click aqui para ver este excelente curso completo de natacion de todos los estilos, en videos y pdf!

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