Calendar 2022

Athlete Ranking

We have come up with a new ranking system for athletes that compete in our League. The purpose of the ranking is to bring a new level of excitement to our events, and away for us to select year-end champions.


After the first event the race is on for the year-end League Champions in all categories. We are also trying to bring statistics to Karate as away to bring even more areas of interest in our events


The following rankings will be recorded toward League Champions:

1. Place:——————600 points.

2. Place:——————400 

3. Awesome Place: —300 

3. Place:——————300 

Participation:————150 points.


There will be two events that will receive double points, The National Qualifier and the year-end  “SKL Invitational”  meaning that all places in the divisions will get double points. It will be a must attend for everyone.


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    Non League Events