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Kobushi Cup February 17, 2024 Karate Tournament Miami.


Announcing the 

2024 Kobushi Cup Karate Tournament

To all my fellow Karate instructors, coaches and athletes,

On behalf of the USA-Inoue Ha Shito Ryu Organization, I am inviting you to participate in the

2024 Kobushi Cup Karate Tournament.

There will be individual divisions for kata and Kumite of all ages and levels of expertise. One event $75.00. Two events $100.

DATE: February 17, 2024


11700 Hialeah Gardens Blvd Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018

Athletes may register for this competition by logging in at the Karate Alliance website

before Thursday February 16 10:00pm

There will be NO on-site registration at the tournament on February 17


Individual Kata and Kumite (ON line REGISTRATION Karate Do Alliance Website)

Categories and Divisions


Keep in mind that FIRST TIMERS students have practiced only for a few Days to 2-4 months.

BEGINNERS are students that have 4 months to 1 year of practice.

NOVICES are students that have 1 year to 2 years of practice.

INTERMEDIATE are students that have 2 years to 3 years of practice.

ADVANCED are any students that have 4 years and above of practice.

 DIVISIONS: Kata and Kumite 4 and Up.

All 4-5, 6-7, 8-9  My First Timers Divisions Boys and Girls Separated.

All 4                       Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov.

All 5                       Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov.

All 6                       Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov.

 All 7                      Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov. Int.

All 8-9                   Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov. Int. Adv.

All 10-11               Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov. Int. Adv.

All 12-13               Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov. Int. Adv.

All 14-15               Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov. Int. Adv.

All 16-17               Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov. Int. Adv.All 16-17     

All 18-34               Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov. Int. Adv.All 18-34

All 35Up              Years Boys and Girls Kata and Kumite Beg. Nov. Int. Adv.All 35Up.


  Kumite Advanced

All 8-9 Years Girls Kumite Advanced -39kg / + 39kg

All 8-9 Years Boys Kumite Advanced -40kg / + 40kg

All 10-11 Years Girls Kumite Advanced -41kg / + 41kg

All 10-11 Years Boys Kumite Advanced -43kg / + 43kg

All 12-13 Years Girls Kumite Advanced -45kg / + 45kg

All 12-13 Years Boys Kumite Advanced -48kg / + 48kg

All 14-15 Years Girls Kumite Advanced -52kg / + 52kg

All 14-15 Years Boys Kumite Advanced -55kg / + 55kg

All 16-17 Years Girls Kumite Advanced -58kg / + 58kg

All 16-17 Years Boys Kumite Advanced -65kg / + 65kg

All 18-34 Years Girls Kumite Advanced -61kg / + 61kg

All 18-34 Years Boys Kumite Advanced -67kg / -75kg / +75kg

All 35Up  Years Boys and Girls Open Kumite Beg. Nov. Int. Adv.All 35Up.

 Rules and Regulations Kata & Kumite.

                               Degrees or levels for divisions in the League:

FIRST TIMERS: We say Kyu or white belts that are presented to a tournament for the first time.

BEGINNERS: Ninth and Eighth Kyu who have a Year of practice.

NOVICES: Seventh, Sixth and Fifth Kyu or one year to two years of practice.

INTERMIDIATE: Fourth, Third, Second and First Kyu or spent Two years to Three years of practice.

ADVANCED: First Kyu and Black Belts, with more than Four years of practice.



Simultaneous execution for all divisions except the WKF divisions.

*All Beg. must perform Kihon Kata, Fukui Kata, Fukyugata Ichi – Ni, Gekisai Ichi – Ni, Heian – Pinan Shodan, Nidan, Sandan; and can repeat the same Kata.

*All Nov. must perform Any Heian or Pinan Kata and can repeat the same Kata.

*All Intermediates cannot perform advanced Kata (refer to the list), can repeat the Kata all round.

*All advanced level must perform a different Kata in the medal rounds than the one prior to previous round.

*If Int./ Adv. Combined, they can repeat the same Kata all rounds.

*DO NOT disqualify any Beg / Nov divisions under any circumstances.

If any competitors in this category comes to halt, have them repeat the kata then proceed to Hantei.

*Disqualification due to the lack of a bow(s) will be only fro WKF/Advance divisions.

*Participation medals are ONLY for those who did not place in Kata or Kumite.

*All divisions will have two third place finalists in Kata and Kumite.

*Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate divisions will not have repechage.

*All advanced matches have repechage.


*Only licensed referees can function as the center referee or corner judge.

*Only licensed judges can work as corner judges.

*Judges can only indicate points and jogai, unless the referee says otherwise.

 *Referees CAN NOT asks for point reconsideration.

 *Fights last 1 ½ minutes for everyone 13 years or younger.

 *Fights last 2 minutes for 12-17 years of age and 18 & up non-elite divisions.

 *Fights last 3 minutes for all Advanced male divisions.

 *All hand to face contact must be penalized for everyone under 17 years of age.

 *Skin touch is allowed for those 18 and over with gloves.

 *Light touch” head kicks are permitted for all ages.

 *All competitors must wear shin pads in addition to the gloves.

 *In youth divisions, if the shin pads are too big, they are allowed to just use the foot pads.

 *No jewelry is permitted.

 *Head gear is optional for all divisions except those in Advanced divisions.

 *All advanced matches 12-13 years and up will have repechage.

 *Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate divisions will not have repechage.

   DO NOT disqualify any Beg. / Nov. divisions under any circumstances.



Taikyoku / Heian – Pinan / Gekisai / Fukui Kata / Kihon Kata




Anan / Anan Dai / Chatanyara Kusanku / Chinto / Gankaku / Gojushiho / Gojushiho Dai / Gojushiho Sho / Hakucho

Heiku / Kanchin / Kanku Sho / Kosokun (Kushanku) Sho / Kururunfa / Kusanku / Matusumura Bassai (Passai)

Nipaipo / Paiku / Papuren / Sanseru / Seisan (Seishan) / Sochin / Suparinpei / Tomari Bassai (Passai)

Useishi / Unsu (Unshu).

Individual Participation Fee: $100.00 .  *Includes registration for both Kata and Kumite

I hope you will join us on February 17 , 2024

If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail or by phone at (305)299-2632.

Sincerely Yours,

Carlos Quintero



Miami Taikai and Arawaza USA Open November 11, 2023


Miami Taikai and Arawaza USA Open 2023


Dojo: Florida Karate Club.

Register Naw..


Karate-Do Legends September 23, 2023 Miami.

Karate-Do Legends 2023 Miami.


Categories and Divisions

Para-Karate Divisions Kata KG 7-17 KG / 18-Up ParaKarate / KB 7-17 ParaKarate / KB 18-Up ParaKarate

Divisions all level Individual Kata 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 16-34 Senior, 35 Up Master Advance.

Divisions all level Individual Kumite. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 18-34 Senior, 35 Up Master / Beginner, Novice, Intermediate.

All Divisions Kumite Advance Female and Male they will be separated by kilograms.

                 Advance Female (8 -39kg +39kg) (9 -43kg +43kg) (10-11 -47kg +47kg) (12-13 -50kg +50kg)

                                                   (14-14 -52kg +52kg) (16-17 -54kg +54kg) (18-34 -61kg +61kg)

                 Advance Male (8 -44kg +44kg) (9 -48kg +48kg) (10-11 -52kg +52kg) (12-13 -56kg +56kg)

                                               (14-15 -62kg +62kg) (16-17 -kg +65kg) (18-34 -70kg, -78kg, +78kg).


Tournament Register:

     Athletes and Coach may Register for this competition by logging in at the: //











Art & Sport Center Bushido JKS. Sensei Jesus A. Costa


Art and Sport Center

Bushido JKS Dojo

Member of America Karate Do Rengo Kai

Was founded in Miami USA. Nov 11, 1995

Our main concept is to create a perfect harmony between body and mind. We practice karate do, ballet, and a strong after school program to improve the previous sports in children.

Our founder, Jesus Alberto Costa, director, sensei and 5th karate do black belt, continuously does efforts to reach this idea.

Since that, we have could formed National and World champions. Some of our results you can see below:

USA National Results:

  • Anthony Costa. (Gold Medal)
  • Jesus Costa. (Gold Medal)
  • Yasmany Garcia. (Gold Medal)
  • Gino Alfonso. (Gold Medal)
  • Reinier Martinez. (Gold Medal)
  • Elvis Arronde. (Gold Medal)
  • Alfredo Pozo. (Gold Medal)
  • Nicole Cimadevilla. (Gold Medal)
  • Carlos Senmanat. (Gold Medal)
  • American Results:
  1. Jesus Costa Jr. (Silver Medal in Division -68Silver Medal in Team Kumite, and Bronze in Open Kumite). Medellin Colombia 2013.
  2. Jesus Costa Jr. (Silver Medal in Division -68. Lima Peru 2014.
  3. Anthony Costa. (Bronze Medal). Fortaleza, Brazil 2011.
  4. Anthony Costa. (5th place). Montreal, Canada 2010.
  5. Angel Diaz. (5th place)

World Results:

All Japan Jr World 2006. Gino Alfonso, Yasmany Garcia. (Both 3th place, Kata)

WKC World  2010 Italy. Jesus Costa Jr (1th Kata and 3th Kumite)

WKF World Championship 2011 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Anthony Costa 2011, 8th place.

WKF 2015 Jesus L. Costa. (7mo WKF 1 League German)

WKF 2015 Jesus L. Costa. (11no WKF  Indonesia)

WKF 2015 Ahmed Calvo. (WKF  Indonesia)

“Benefits of Practicing: Improve your academic performance by raising your level of energy, focus and concentration, the physical and mental health. Learn and master self-defense techniques.”

Other possibilities:


Every martial art will increase your coordination. Some more, and some less. Karate may not improve your coordination as much as Capoeira, but they both make you stronger and flexible in their own way. What’s important is that you pick something where you enjoy the trainer, the people and the art itself; otherwise you’ll end up quitting.


You’d be amazed at how friendly the people are. This also depends on where and what you train. The more aggressive arts will obviously attract a different group than something softer.

As you try different arts, you’ll quickly see if it’s right for you. I personally love practical arts, which means I can use it in real life. Luckily, I’ve never needed to do that, because I’m a pretty friendly and easy-going guy.


A martial art with a good teacher can transform the way you think. You may go in with one mindset and come out a completely different person. Now, I’m not saying this will happen instantly, but definitely over time. Many martial arts are considered “dangerous”, so many kids are told to stay away from them. It isn’t the art itself that is dangerous, but how it is taught. Always look at what values the teacher has. Is he humble and friendly? Or does he use a more “old-school” way of teaching? Use common sense to pick a good teacher. Listen to your intuition. If there’s any common trait I’ve observed in good teachers, it’s humbleness, and this has definitely rubbed off on me.


You will go through periods where you absolutely do not feel like going to class. It will feel tough and nothing seems to work when you do train.

Discipline is a cornerstone in all of the old arts, and something that is required in whatever you do. If you can make it past the six month mark, you will be ahead of the large majority of people.


One of the biggest benefits I’ve noticed from martial arts is the psychological part. When you start out, you’ll probably be scared of putting your heart into what you’re doing.

We aren’t used to attacking and defending. It’s a whole new playing field, and it opens up your mind. Once you allow yourself to get in the zone and improvise, something in your reality changes.

ASAKA Dojo Sensei Luis Sanchez


Welcome to ASAKA Dojo

A Japanese Traditional Karate Do school, located in South west Ranches, Florida, we teach original Shito Ryu style in direct lineage of our founder Master Kenwa Mabuni, we belong to the World Shito Ryu Karate Do Federation under the direction of Soke Kenei Mabuni, and certified by Kyoshi Shoko Sato 8th Dan Pan-American Chief Director.

Our classes are for all ages, we have developed several national and international champions, our students will learn traditional karate do and the sport of Karate Do under the World Karate Federation rules.


Kata PAIHO by Sakumoto Tsuguo (HAKUTSURU)

Kata HEIKU by Shimizu Yuka


Kata PAIKU by Tomishiro Azusa

Kata PACHU by Kadena Yoshie

Kata ANAN by Sakumoto Tsuguo

Ryuei-ryu Niseishi by Tsuguo Sakumoto sensei







Seibukan Ananku by Zenpo Shimabukuro

Seibukan Wanshu by Zenpo Shimabukuro

Seibukan Seisan by Zenpo Shimabukuro

Seibukan Passai by Zenpo Shimabukuro

Seibukan Gojushijo by Zenpo Shimabukuro

Seibukan Naihanchi by Zenpo Shimabukuro

Seibukan Kusanku by Zenpo Shimabukuro

Seibukan Wanchin Kata by Zenpo Shimabukuro

Wado-Ryu Katas

Tatsuo Suzuki – Pinan Nidan (平安二段)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Pinan Shodan (平安初段)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Pinan Sandan (平安三段)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Pinan Yondan (平安四段)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Pinan Godan (平安五段)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Pinan Godan (平安五段)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Kushanku (クーシャンクー)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Naihanchi (ナイハンチ)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Seishan (セイシャン)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Chinto (チントウ)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Bassai (バッサイ)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Rohai (ローハイ)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Wanshu (ワンシュウ)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Niseishi (ニーセイシ)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Jitte (ジッテ)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Jion (ジオン)

Tatsuo Suzuki – Ryu Sei

Shito Ryu

Heian Shodan

Heina Nidan

Heian Sandan

Heian Yodan 

Heian Godan



Bassai Dai




Video Kata


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    Non League Events