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  • Ciber TV. Alliance
  • J. Costa
  • USA Kumite Team 2013 Colombia
  • Legends of Karate Do 2006-2016
  • Tokyo 2020
  • Anthony Costa 2011 Brasil.
  • Ariel Torres
  • Erick Lamela Champion (Bolivia)
  • Jesus Costa 2 Place (Lima/Peru)
  • Zoe Mezsaro Champio (Bolivia)
  • Jennifer Robinzon 2 place WKf Spain
  • Ahmed Calvo
  • Humberto Tellechea
  • Edgar Torres
  • Danny Cabello
  • Jennifer Robinson
  • Erick Lamela
  • Christian Arguello
  • Zoe Meszaro
  • Ariel Torres

Calendar 2016

Ranking: Overview

All categories and divisions will be recognized with a ranking. The League may also recognize events outside of the League. The Sport Karate League has established two levels of ranking for its own events; category A tournaments, and category B tournaments.

 Events (A) awarded:

*First place in Kata or Kumite 500pts.

*Second in Kata or Kumite 300pts.

*Third in Kata or Kumite 200pts.

*Participant Kata or Kumite 100 pts.

Events (B) awarded:

*First place in Kata or Kumite 250pts.

*Second in Kata or Kumite 200 pts.

*Third in Kata or Kumite 150pts.

*Participant Kata or Kumite 50 pts.

 The League will recognize within itself, events sanctioned by the USANKF, or other organizations such as the PKF, or WKF Open World Championships. These will be awarded with points as follows:

Participants: 200 points

Third Place: 250 points

Second Place: 300 points

First Place: 350 points

 Another important reward system sponsored by the League is the $1,500 prize awarded in check form. This shall be awarded to the competitor in the 18-34 Advanced Senior Division that has accumulated the most points throughout the year. In order to qualify for this prize the competitor must have attended 3 or more League events.

 Since 2010, the Sport Karate League has served as a sponsor so that juvenile competitors may attend the Pan-American tournaments in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia. A total of 20 competitors have received this benefit. In 2014 we will continue with the development of this project. The League, and its sponsors reserve the right to decide which competitors may receive this benefit. This decision may be based upon their results, character, commitment and dedication to the Karate community as well as their commitment to promoting junior athletes—their respect and dedication to the objectives of the League will also be taken seriously into consideration.

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    Non League Events